The P2S Journey Week 6 Monetizing My Blog

John Thornhill


Hello and thanks for stopping by…I have been moving right along.  This is week six and it’s all about Monetizing my blog.

  1. I started by reading the Google Adsense guide to make sure I know how it works!
  2. Then I installed a plugin called GARD
  3. Then I connected the GARD plugin with my Adsense account.
  4. Then I had to watch both the Advanced and Basic Ads videos and decide what I wanted to go with.
  5. So now you tell me how I did picking out my adds and putting them on my blog?
  6. Then I registered with Clickbank and then applied to be whitelisted for Simple Traffic Solutions
  7. Then I watched both videos explaining how to add banners in code view and by media
  8. Then I uploaded and tried both to learn how to use them

I can’t say it enough I AM LOVING THIS!

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