The P2S Journey Week 4 Is Adding Social Media Profiles

Hello and thanks for stopping by today. I am now in week four and I will be adding my social media profiles.

  1. I had to 1st set up all of my social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other ones I wanted to use.
  2. Then I had to download and install the social media icons…John is really good with walking us through this set up.
  3. Then I had to add the top sidebar code…DON’T FREAK OUT JOHN IS with us all the way.
  4. Then I added it to my blog.
  5. Then I had to complete the tasks listed in Video 5
  6. DONE and my site is starting to look awesome.
  7. It looks like a short week but I did a lot of work and it fills great.

John Thornhill

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