The P2S Journey Week 2 Is Improving My Blog Appearance

Hello and I am glad you stopped by. This is week two step by step of what I had to get done.

  1. I had to order Optimize Press…Done
  2. Then I had to create a Partnership to Success folder on my computer to store everything to do with P2S and to keep everything organized…Done
  3. Then I had to download the Optimize Press theme and save it in my P2S folder…Done
  4. Then I uploaded the Optimize Press theme to my blog…Done
  5. Then I activated the theme and licensed my site, Because if I didn’t license my site, I wouldn’t be able to use any of the Optimize Press features…Done
  6. Then using the Optimize Press options…I set up the basic setting for my blog…and it feels great.
  7. Then I had a custom header created and added it to my blog…Be sure and tell me what you think.
  8. Then I had to prepare my blog to install the plugins I will be needing to optimize my blog.
  9. Now I am installing plugins…1st one is ShareBar, then All in One SEO, then JetPack and Links Manager on to my blog.
  10. Then I added my “About Me” page to let everyone know just who I am.

Now that everything is DONE…I can move forward into my Journey.

Hey for real guys this is a step by step program and I am loving it. John Thornhill

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