I can’t believe he pissed on my socks

Michael Cheney1

The year was 2014.

It was the evening of England’s opening World Cup game against Italy and I was nervous.

I’d been waiting 4 years for this game to come around and wanted England to win desperately.

I even wore my “lucky” England socks.

(Which, I have to say, living here in Scotland is somewhat of a death wish).

I was getting ready to head over to an English friend’s house to watch the game and was just doing my fatherly duties with my 1-year old James.

I was changing him into his PJs and he was in a state of lower-half undress.

And then he peed on me.

All over my lucky England socks.

(I blame the fact he’s Scottish.)

The socks came off, I went to watch the game and England lost (not to mention crashed out of the entire competition after their worst performances on a pitch in living memory).

Here cometh the lesson:-

Lucky charms, superstitions and voodoo doodahs are a load of old pish.

You can’t rely on luck.

Whether it’s in sport or business (and affiliate marketing especially).

Luck gets you nowhere.

You need the right process to be successful – just like the one I followed to the letter and made $303,282.06 commissions from in the past 10 months alone.

Here’s how you can do it too;



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