The P2S Journey Week 8 List Building Phase 2

John Thornhill



Hello and thanks for stopping by…I am now in week eight of my Journey. And I Am Loving It!

  1. I then had to submit my Clickbank ID to be whitelisted, If I didn’t get my email whitelisted, then I wouldn’t be able to promote the product. So you know I did just what I had to do get it done!
  2. Then I had to set up link Supercharger, to cloak my links and make them look better.
  3. The I had to download the files provided, and choose which graphics I wanted to use on my blog.
  4. Then I set up my GetResponse list, then I had to make sure everything is set up correctly, check and double check.
  5. Then edit the GetResponse email confirmation settings
  6. Then set up my GetResponse popup settings, and add it to my blog,
  7. Then I added some follow up messages to my autoresponder, so my subscribers will continue to receive messages from me after I have set them up, without me lifting a finger
  8. Then I tested everything, test my email settings, I tested my popup, I tested everything

This is my LAST Week of Phase One, so tell what you think, Now I am going into Phase 2 – Product Creation

Hey Please leave me some ideals in the comment box


The P2S Journey Week 7 Essential Blogging Techniques

John Thornhill


Hello and welcome to my blog. I am on a Journey and I am in week seven. It’s all about the Essential Blogging Techniques that’s going to be needed.

  1. Starting with getting together all the Legal Pages
  2. John set us up with a plugin and it did the job
  3. So then I had to create the necessary legal pages for my blog.
  4. Now I will be starting to add images to my future post to make them stand out more and look much better in a Facebook post.
  5. I will also start adding videos to my blog post
  6. I will be posting on my blog several times a week.
  7. By scheduling them to post at set dates or intervals
  8. I will be setting up email broadcast to send at the same time to my blog subscribers.

Life is great

The P2S Journey Week 6 Monetizing My Blog

John Thornhill


Hello and thanks for stopping by…I have been moving right along.  This is week six and it’s all about Monetizing my blog.

  1. I started by reading the Google Adsense guide to make sure I know how it works!
  2. Then I installed a plugin called GARD
  3. Then I connected the GARD plugin with my Adsense account.
  4. Then I had to watch both the Advanced and Basic Ads videos and decide what I wanted to go with.
  5. So now you tell me how I did picking out my adds and putting them on my blog?
  6. Then I registered with Clickbank and then applied to be whitelisted for Simple Traffic Solutions
  7. Then I watched both videos explaining how to add banners in code view and by media
  8. Then I uploaded and tried both to learn how to use them

I can’t say it enough I AM LOVING THIS!

The P2S Journey Week 5 Is Blog Networking

John Thornhill


Hello and thanks for stopping by today. I am in week five and moving forward.

  1. I added my social media buttons and edited the size of my sidebar to make sure everything fitted correctly.
  2. Then I downloaded this cool Widget…That displays other members blogs on my site and my blog on there’s…COOL STUFF!
  3. Then I setup the cool Widget to have it display on my blog sidebar.
  4. Then I was able to add my blog to the Partnership network to have it displayed on all other members blogs
  5. I had to remember to submit my name exactly as I wanted it to be displayed on other members blogs.
  6. Then I applied for Google Adsense, I was approved!

Until my next update enjoy

The P2S Journey Week 4 Is Adding Social Media Profiles

Hello and thanks for stopping by today. I am now in week four and I will be adding my social media profiles.

  1. I had to 1st set up all of my social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other ones I wanted to use.
  2. Then I had to download and install the social media icons…John is really good with walking us through this set up.
  3. Then I had to add the top sidebar code…DON’T FREAK OUT JOHN IS with us all the way.
  4. Then I added it to my blog.
  5. Then I had to complete the tasks listed in Video 5
  6. DONE and my site is starting to look awesome.
  7. It looks like a short week but I did a lot of work and it fills great.

John Thornhill

The P2S Journey Week 3 Is List Building Phase 1

John Thornhill


Hello and thanks for stopping by…I am loving this Program.

Week three starts my List Building Phase 1 and this is how John will have me start.

  1.  I had to register with a autoresponder…I use and recommend GetResponse, But John use Aweber in the training.

  2. Then I had to create my first mailing list. John does a great job helping us set that up.
  3. Then I had to edit the confirmation message that my subscriber will receive when they sign up to my list.
  4. Then I had to add my follow up emails, this is the emails that my subscriber will receive in a set amount of time after they subscribe to my list.
  5. Then I had to create a sign up form
  6. Then I connected my Optimize Press to my GetResponse account, then checked it to make sure everything was working correctly.
  7. Guess what I get to do now…I get to add my optin form to my blog.

Until my next update enjoy


The P2S Journey Week 2 Is Improving My Blog Appearance

Hello and I am glad you stopped by. This is week two step by step of what I had to get done.

  1. I had to order Optimize Press…Done
  2. Then I had to create a Partnership to Success folder on my computer to store everything to do with P2S and to keep everything organized…Done
  3. Then I had to download the Optimize Press theme and save it in my P2S folder…Done
  4. Then I uploaded the Optimize Press theme to my blog…Done
  5. Then I activated the theme and licensed my site, Because if I didn’t license my site, I wouldn’t be able to use any of the Optimize Press features…Done
  6. Then using the Optimize Press options…I set up the basic setting for my blog…and it feels great.
  7. Then I had a custom header created and added it to my blog…Be sure and tell me what you think.
  8. Then I had to prepare my blog to install the plugins I will be needing to optimize my blog.
  9. Now I am installing plugins…1st one is ShareBar, then All in One SEO, then JetPack and Links Manager on to my blog.
  10. Then I added my “About Me” page to let everyone know just who I am.

Now that everything is DONE…I can move forward into my Journey.

Hey for real guys this is a step by step program and I am loving it. John Thornhill

The P2S Journey Week 1 Is Laying My Foundations

John Thornhill

Hello and welcome,  I am very glad you stop by because, I am on a journey to become a success in the internet marketing world. The way that this is going to become a reality is by my hard work. I came across a WANTED SIGN and it made me STOP what I was doing and read it.

It said: WANTED

Ambitious, Hard Working Individuals Who Want To Work With John Thornhill Personally And Finally Discover What It Takes To Succeed Online.

So like I said it made me stop and read it…It’s A 12 Month Personal Coaching Program. That GUARANTEED ME or you a 100% Success if we just follow the easy step by step lessons that John is teaching. So That’s what I will be doing following the steps.

In my 1st week this is what I had to get done and I did just that…GOT IT DONE!

  1. Find a suitable domain to reflect who I am…The is it
  2. I had to register my domain and get my web hosting all setup.
  3. Login to my web hosting cPanel
  4. Install the WordPress blog system.
  5. Prepare my blog for editing.
  6. Update the setting of my blog.
  7. Write my first blog post.
  8. Set up a personal email account.
  9. Then just keep posting on my blog and be myself,

I will post the things that I do in this program. I also will  post about things such as what I did online today, about the sites I visited, the products I used, the sites I like, the products I like, the marketers I like/respect, and more.

I’m sick of everybody PROMISING they can make me a millionaire. I wish to work at this and make it take place. I am a truthful individual and also do not intend to lie or cheat in order to earn money. I recognize there’s there’s must be SOME straightforward individuals left in this world.

John has in his sales letter made me understand that everybody isn’t out here to rip people off, and so I am ready to do what it’s going to take to become a Successful Internet Marketer. He is a truthful and real and I need that on my journey.

I am prepared to work hard.

I am patient.

I am dedicated.

I am a very honest person who is willing to help others.

I have a burning desire to succeed.

Do you have any of this in you?




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